What is Global 504?

This is Our Story…

In 2014, Global 504 was born when founders, Mark and PJ Broussard realized they needed to laser focus 40 years of experience on some to the most neglected kids in the world. Their efforts made a large impact on some of the most vulnerable people in over 80 countries.

Hurricane relief in New Orleans, orphan care projects in Gambia, West Africa, Guatemala, and El Salvador helped to set the stage for ongoing and future work. Global 504 was launched with the purpose of, “Bringing help and hope to the least reached.” Global 504 was officially founded in 2014, basing its headquarters in New Orleans and received nonprofit organization status in Louisiana.  In 2019 a new base of operation was established in Tampa, Florida and Cuban medical relief became another focus of the organization.

Since our inception, over 50 projects have opened doors to bring sustainable solutions and transformational assistance to communities in Africa, Central America and the United States. Best practices in leadership development and self-sustainability were quickly established as our method of operation to make permanent and generational success.

Global 504 has enjoyed the endorsement and partnership with major global organizations like local Sheriff’s departments and disaster relief groups.

Will you join us in helping to give bright kids a chance to succeed and the poorest villages of the world transform themselves?

Mark Broussard, Co-Founder of GHNI, has worked in high-risk, war-torn places like Yemen, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, China, and Cuba.  He has worked with presidents and world leaders, truly a visionary and man of conviction who inspires a many to take action and do right in the world. Mark has spent his life loving and serving the poor and the least among us. His wife PJ adds another wonder dimension of love and passion for at risk kids, abused women and children, and anyone enslaved in seemingly impossible saturations.  We live in a better place because of their work

Please join them in bringing Help and Hope to the least reached of the world.